Why Women Love Flowers

Why Women Love Flowers

It is no secret that flowers are always on top of the list when we think about gifts for women. But have you ever wondered why?

Well, let's go back, way back to when we were out in the real world, surrounded by nature. Back to the times where women had to go gather berries and check the fields. To the hunter-gatherer times, 2 million years ago.

Flowers became a sign that winter had passed, and the fields looked promising. We looked at the vibrant colors nature offered us and picked what would give us the most value in nutrition. Dopamine was trigged then and is still triggered today, with the promise of a reward. Thank you, evolution!

Thus, our appreciation continued through the centuries, our moods were positively improved, we felt happier when we saw them, and we did better socially. We loved flowers and continued to study them, gaining and passing down knowledge through the generations. Women even acted as healers during medieval times. Botany continued to grow in popularity and by the mid-18th century, flowers were now part of our fashion and home decor, being replicated in a variety of ways, including wallpapers.

So Flowers will always be the perfect gift, women love their look, their scent, their colors. It will always have a special meaning and will make them feel good. How often will you find a gift that is scientifically proven to make a person feel good?

There are numerous gifts you can choose besides the classic bouquet, such as, scented candles, perfumes, and room sprays. They are great alternatives due to their longevity and year-round availability. You can recreate the perfect scent for any occasion at any time. The choice is yours.


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