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10 oz Winter Orchid Candle

10 oz Winter Orchid Candle

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In the heart of winter's embrace, where the world outside is cloaked in a serene white blanket, we invite you to discover the enchantment of our Winter Orchid Candle. A testament to the harmonious blend of nature's beauty and fragrant luxury, this candle transports you to a world where floral romance meets the invigorating freshness of spearmint and woods. Immerse yourself in an aromatic journey that recreates the magic of winter, filling your space with both elegance and tranquility.

Fragrance Profile:

Step into the enchanting embrace of our Winter Orchid Candle. This luxurious fragrance weaves the delicate beauty of orchid blossoms with the invigorating notes of spearmint and the grounding essence of woods. It captures the essence of winter's magic while exuding a captivating floral romance.

Sensory Experience:

As you ignite the Winter Orchid Candle, it conjures a symphony of scents that dance through the air. The initial burst of fresh spearmint gradually gives way to the alluring florals, while the subtle hint of woods provides a comforting anchor. This sensory journey is nothing short of captivating, leaving your space imbued with tranquility and elegance.

Ideal Settings:

The Winter Orchid Candle is your companion for the coziest winter moments. Whether it's a quiet evening by the fireplace, a romantic dinner, or a relaxing bath, this candle elevates your surroundings, enveloping them in a fragrant and luxurious embrace.

Candle Wax:

Crafted with care, our Winter Orchid Candle is made from premium coconut wax. This not only ensures a clean and even burn but also aligns with your commitment to a vegan lifestyle. It's more than just a candle; it's a statement of luxury and eco-consciousness, designed to provide you with a long-lasting, aromatic experience.



2.625 inches H x 3.875 Inches W


10 oz

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N. (Katy, US)
So beautiful ❤️

This so beautiful ❤️ a perfect gift for any people we love. Something we can not find at store.