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10 oz Mangrove Mist Candle

10 oz Mangrove Mist Candle

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Mangrove Mist Candle is the embodiment of freshness and musky allure, a fragrance that's bound to captivate men and anyone with an appreciation for the extraordinary. Whether you're seeking a unique gift or yearning to enhance your personal sanctuary, let Mangrove Mist Candle transport you to the tranquil beauty of mangrove forests and immerse you in its irresistible charm. Experience this enchantment today and indulge in the subtle yet undeniable allure of this exceptional fragrance.

Harmony of Freshness and Musk

Mangrove Mist Candle is a masterful composition of fresh and musky elements, meticulously crafted to cater to the sophisticated preferences of men who appreciate a refined fragrance. It's more than a mere scent; it's a transformation of your space into a sanctuary of sensory delight.

Aromatic Odyssey

Inspired by the mystical mangrove forests, this fragrance takes you on an enchanting olfactory adventure:

  1. Zesty Citrus Opening: The fragrance begins with an invigorating burst of citrus zest, akin to the brisk sea breeze rustling through mangrove leaves.

  2. Aquatic Floral Interlude: As the candle burns, it guides you deeper into the mangrove's heart, where aquatic florals introduce a refreshing, rejuvenating dimension to the experience.

  3. Mysterious Musk Base: At its core, the fragrance reveals the enigmatic allure of musk, weaving a captivating and masculine aura that lingers long after the candlelight fades.

Tailored for the Modern Gentleman

Mangrove Mist Candle is thoughtfully designed for the contemporary man, offering a well-balanced fragrance profile that never overwhelms. Ideal for various settings, from intimate evenings at home to upscale gatherings with friends, this candle is the perfect companion for those who appreciate life's finer pleasures.

An Enchanting Sensory Sojourn

Lighting the Mangrove Mist Candle isn't just an act; it's an immersive sensory journey. The gentle, flickering flame and the gradual release of its captivating scent create an ambiance of serenity, relaxation, and refinement. It's an experience that envelops your senses and elevates any environment.

Crafted with Exquisite Coconut Wax

Elevating the Mangrove Mist Candle to the pinnacle of luxury is its exquisite composition—handcrafted with the finest coconut wax, known for its exceptional qualities. This exceptional choice of wax not only enhances the fragrance's performance but also demonstrates our commitment to delivering nothing short of perfection.

Benefits of Coconut Wax:

  • Coconut wax is a natural, renewable resource derived from the oil of coconuts. It is considered a more sustainable option compared to some other waxes.
  • Coconut wax is known for its clean and slow burn. It tends to burn more evenly and slowly than some other waxes, providing a longer-lasting candle.
  • Coconut wax has the ability to hold and release fragrance effectively, resulting in a good scent throw. This means that the candles can disperse their fragrance throughout a room when burned.
  • Coconut wax is generally considered natural and non-toxic. It doesn't produce harmful byproducts when burned, making it a more environmentally friendly option.
  • Coconut wax has a smooth and creamy appearance, which can enhance the aesthetic appeal of candles. It can be used to create a visually pleasing and luxurious-looking candle.
  • Coconuts are a renewable resource, and their wax is a byproduct of coconut oil production. Using coconut wax can be seen as a more sustainable option compared to some other waxes derived from petroleum or other sources.
  • The cultivation of coconuts and the production of coconut wax are generally considered to have a lower environmental impact compared to some other types of wax, especially if sourced sustainably.


2.625 inches H x 3.875 Inches W


10 oz


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Customer Reviews

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J.D. (Seattle, US)
Perfectly Balanced

A wonderful and unique experience. Very pleasant and not too strong. Not too sweet, nor too musky. In a word, balanced. Goes a long way to create a tranquil space to relax after a long day of work. A nice aesthetic and practical design as well. Wide, not too tall, and lasts a long time.