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Maikai Candle

Maikai Candle

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Take a trip to the enchanting beauty of the Hawaiian islands with the Maikai Candle. This exquisite candle is more than just a fragrance; it captures the essence of the tropical paradise, bringing the invigorating scents of Hawaii into your home.

Scent Profile: The Maikai Candle is a fresh and floral masterpiece, carefully crafted to evoke the vibrant aromas of the Hawaiian islands.

  • Top Notes: A burst of tropical freshness with the essence of coconut, immediately transporting you to the sun-kissed shores of Hawaii.

  • Middle Notes: Exotic flowers bloom at the heart of this fragrance, featuring a delightful blend of hibiscus, plumeria, and orchids, creating a lush and intoxicating floral bouquet.

  • Base Notes: The scent gently settles into fresh woods, providing a grounding and earthy foundation that complements the bright top and middle notes.

Key Features:

  1. Coconut Wax: Infused with premium coconut wax, the Maikai Candle ensures a clean and even burn, enhancing the longevity of the fragrance and offering a sustainable choice for your home.

  2. Cotton Wick: Paired with a cotton wick, the candle delivers a smooth and consistent flame, allowing you to enjoy the delightful scent without interruptions.

  3. Sensory Experience: More than just a candle, Maikai is an immersive experience in a jar, capturing the essence of Hawaii's tropical paradise and filling your space with the spirit of the islands.

  4. Balanced Fragrance: The harmonious combination of top, middle, and base notes creates a well-balanced fragrance that evolves beautifully, mirroring the diverse and vibrant landscapes of Hawaii.

Ideal Settings:

  • Relaxing Evenings: Perfect for unwinding after a long day, the Maikai Candle creates a tranquil atmosphere that transports you to a serene Hawaiian sunset.

  • Social Gatherings: Infuse your gatherings with the uplifting and tropical ambiance of Hawaii, making every moment feel like a celebration.

  • Wellness Spaces: Enhance the tranquility of your wellness routines by incorporating the refreshing and floral notes of the Maikai Candle into your meditation or yoga sessions.

Candle Wax:

The Maikai Candle is crafted with coconut wax for its exceptional qualities, ensuring a clean and sustainable burn. The wax allows the fragrance to unfold gradually, creating a captivating olfactory experience that mirrors the diversity and beauty of the Hawaiian islands.

Sizes Available:

6 oz or 8 oz


6 oz = 3.25" H x 2.75" W

8 oz = 3.5 inches H x 2.7 Inches W

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