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Concrete Round Tray - Amazonian Enigma

Concrete Round Tray - Amazonian Enigma

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A captivating addition to your home decor, the Amazonian Enigma Round Concrete Tray is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. The tray features a harmonious blend of green, brown, and gold tones, mirroring the colors of the Amazonian Enigma Concrete Candle. Its round shape adds a touch of softness to the design, and each tray is a one-of-a-kind creation with unique artistic patterns.



Designed to hold medium-sized objects, this decorative tray is versatile in its functionality. Use it to display decorative items, organize personal belongings, or as a visually pleasing centerpiece on your coffee table or dining table.

Artistic Patterns:

The tray is adorned with unique and intricate artistic patterns inspired by the enigmatic beauty of the Amazon rainforest. These patterns add an element of sophistication and nature-inspired charm to the tray's design.

Non-duplication Assurance:

Emphasizing exclusivity, each Artisanal Amazonian Enigma Round Concrete Tray is crafted to be unique. The patterns and color variations ensure that no two trays are identical, making each piece a standalone work of art.

Home Decor Accent:

Transform your living space with the enchanting allure of the Amazonian Enigma. This round concrete tray is not just a functional item but also a captivating home decor accent that brings a touch of the rainforest's mystery and beauty into your home.

Ideal Settings: Place the Artisanal Amazonian Enigma Round Concrete Tray on your dining table, sideboard, or any surface that could use an infusion of style. Its medium size makes it suitable for a variety of settings, adding a distinctive flair to your living space.

Enjoy the unique and artisanal beauty of the Artisanal Amazonian Enigma Round Concrete Tray, a handcrafted piece that complements the Amazonian Enigma Concrete Candle and elevates your home decor with its exclusive patterns and rich colors.


 6.5" diameter

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