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10 oz Concrete Obsidian Candle

10 oz Concrete Obsidian Candle

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Experience the captivating allure of the Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii with our Obsidian Candle. This handcrafted candle is a sensory journey that blends the distinct smokiness of volcanic activity with the enticing fragrances of tropical fruits and swaying palm trees. Immerse yourself in a unique and addicting olfactory experience that transports you to the mesmerizing landscapes of Hawaii.


Housed in a handcrafted concrete vessel, the Obsidian Candle is a true work of art. The vessel features black and gold tones with artistic patterns, evoking the mystique and elegance of volcanic obsidian. Each vessel is unique, ensuring that no two candles are alike, and adding a touch of luxury to your space.

Fragrance Profile:

Crafted with precision, the Obsidian Candle offers a multi-sensory experience:

Embrace the unique smokiness reminiscent of volcanic activity, creating an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue.

The fragrance unfolds with the luscious scents of tropical fruits, capturing the vibrancy and richness of Hawaii's flora.

Subtle notes of palm trees add a touch of relaxation, harmonizing the fragrance and enhancing the overall experience.

Handmade Craftsmanship:

Meticulously handmade and handpoured, each Obsidian Candle is a testament to the art of craftsmanship. The combination of black and gold tones with artistic patterns adds a personal and unique touch to your candle, making it a distinctive piece of art.

Sensory Experience:

Let the Obsidian Candle take you on a trip to Hawaii with its relaxing, floral, and deliciously memorable fragrance. The captivating aroma creates a tranquil ambiance, making every moment an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Ideal Settings:

Place the Kilauea Obsidian Candle in any room to infuse your space with the essence of Hawaii. Whether displayed as a centerpiece or part of your relaxation sanctuary, let the fragrance transport you to the enchanting landscapes of the Big Island.



Candle Wax:

Made with premium coconut wax, the Kilauea Obsidian Artisan Candle is a vegan and cruelty-free luxury. The coconut wax ensures a clean and sustainable burn, allowing you to indulge in the fragrance guilt-free.


Benefits of Coconut Wax:

  • Coconut wax is a natural, renewable resource derived from the oil of coconuts. It is considered a more sustainable option compared to some other waxes.
  • Coconut wax is known for its clean and slow burn. It tends to burn more evenly and slowly than some other waxes, providing a longer-lasting candle.
  • Coconut wax has the ability to hold and release fragrance effectively, resulting in a good scent throw. This means that the candles can disperse their fragrance throughout a room when burned.
  • Coconut wax is generally considered natural and non-toxic. It doesn't produce harmful byproducts when burned, making it a more environmentally friendly option.
  • Coconut wax has a smooth and creamy appearance, which can enhance the aesthetic appeal of candles. It can be used to create a visually pleasing and luxurious-looking candle.
  • Coconuts are a renewable resource, and their wax is a byproduct of coconut oil production. Using coconut wax can be seen as a more sustainable option compared to some other waxes derived from petroleum or other sources.
  • The cultivation of coconuts and the production of coconut wax are generally considered to have a lower environmental impact compared to some other types of wax, especially if sourced sustainably.



2 7/8 inches H x 4 3/8 Inches W



10 oz

Total weight 1.65lbs


Burn time:

Approx. 65hrs +


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